Vibro blade-2-

== overview== Swords are the primary melee weapons in kotor 2 other than lightsabers. They have good damage and can come in single or double-bladed styles. Swords are useful in melee fights and depending on the power of the opponents ranged weapon could be good or bad against long range foes. One of the advantages that swords have over ranged weapons is that they can hit through the mining shields that the droids have on the first level and can also help later on in the same way.


They are available very early in the game so they can be used for many things throughout the whole game. Until you get your lightsaber it is quite useful for bashing open things if you ditched your plasma torch. Swords are strong but have less power than lightsabers, do not make the mistake of rushing into a lightsaber fight without an energy shield.

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