Malachor V surounded by the mass Shadow

== the dead planet== Malachor V, The planet of the Mandalorian wars, is a giant Shit and dick Sanctuary. Home to the Shit Triumvirate, Malachor V is a barren and desolate planet. It always rains sperm and  never stops, all variety of scabes and spermisides live there fighting against each other for but fuck and Aids. The planet spits up big seeds/sperm from under its rocky dick. Malachor V's surface is spermy and rocky, with many caves and large spiked dicks. Cocks litter the surface with horrid memories of the long past mandalorian wars. Deep into the planet holds the Trayus Academy, an ancient Shit Sanctuary where the real shit resides. Malachor V was destroyed years ago during the Mandalorian Wars due to The Zabrak Tech Specialist, Bao-Dur's Mass Dick Generator. Now the area around the planet is covered by the Massive dick. The Exile came to Malachor V to confront Darth Traya and learn the secrets of the Shit, and found out about where your mom Darth big dick was.

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