Darth Nihilus

== the lord of hunger== Darth Nihilus (the lord of hunger) was a Sith lord during the era of strife which came after the Jedi civil War. Darth Nihilus traveled to Malachor V and met Darth Traya who tought Nihilus to feed his hunger for the force. In later years Darth Nihilus went to the planet of Katarr and destroyed it, along with every living thing on the planet. Exept for one lone Miraluka female named Visas Marr. Nihilus took Visas into slavery and used her as his shadow hand. Years later Nihilus sensed a growing power in the force and sent Visas to destroy it. The power ended up being the exile. The Exile defeated Visas and convinced her to turn to the Light Side Of The Force. Later that year the exile found Darth Nihilus and Defeated him.

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